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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  September 22, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> coming up on fox5 news morning a maryland teenager kidnapped assaulted and raped. two suspects are in jail. the victim's sister is believed to be the mastermind behind the crime. >> the race to find survivors in mexico. rescue crews desperately looking for any sign of life in the rubble. >> live look outside right now at 5 o'clock. we're getting ready for a very pleasant weekend according to mike thomas. we're going to talk to him about that in just a few minutes but first, good morning, happy friday. thank you very much for joining us. >> yes, we are so glad you are with us at the end of this work week. the date is friday, september 22nd, 2017. >> all right. let's say good morning to erin como doing traffic and mike thomas doing weather. >> hey, good morning to you both as well. hey, for your friday afternoon, looks like a mix of clouds and sun but no rain. should be pleasant and warm, highs in the middle 80's. we're saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall this afternoon. hey, erin. >> hey, new inner loop crash on the shoulder by the dulles toll road. we'll get you around that one as well as a crash on 32 in howard county. >> in th n
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you're just waking up with us now at 5:00 we're going to get you caught up on the top stories. survivors still being pulled from the rubble in mexico city this morning. rescue operations stretch along a fourth day. the city government says a total of 60 people have been rescued since the quake first hit on tuesday. the official death toll now stands at 273. >> the white house says president donald trump has spoken with the governors of both puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. the entire island of puerto rico was left without power after hurricane maria knocked its already weakened electrical grid. president trump said fema and other emergency responders are helping both u.s. territories begin the recovery process and he plans to actually visit puerto rico. meanwhile north korean leader kim jong un lashing back at president trump calling him "mentally deranged and promising to tame him with fire. this comes in response to president trump's announcement of new sanctions against the north. overnight north korea's minister formally said his
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test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean to fulfill kim's vow to take the highest level of action against the united states. the u.s. ambassador to the un admits sanctions may not work. >> not going to spell out specifically what he's going to do when he's going to do it or where he's going to do it but there's many options that he's discussed with his national security team that should north korea do anything irresponsible or reckless that he has to choose from. >> kim jong un later went on to say that president trump is unfit to hold the prerogative of the supreme command of the country. >> ♪ >> developing this morning, we're learning disturbing details about a vicious attack that happened in frederick, maryland. a maryland teenager was raped by two other teens who are now behind bars. >> police have reason to believe the victim's sister organized the entire thing. our melanie alnwick live from frederick this morning with the latest. melanie. >> reporter: hey, good morning. we have also learned that immigrations and customs
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begundeportation proceedings against one of the suspects in this case. the victim told police, that both young men, both local high school students were known to be involved in gang activity. charging documents say 19-year-old victor gonzalez gutierrez and 17-year-old edgar chicas hernandez and a third suspect who was wearing a mask ambushed the 18-year-old victim as she walked to her apartment around 12:30 in the morning on september 2nd. she said she was held captive and raped by both chicas hernandez and gonzalez gutierrez for several hours. she recognized them as classmates at frederick high school. >> and took her to a vehicle that was located nearby. they then transported her to an apartment nearby and, r-they detained her for several hours. we are looking into the possibility of gang ties. however, we can -- we do not have anything solid at this point. >> reporter: now, according to court documents o-the
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victim's 13-year-old sister may have set her up. police found messages on her instagram account planning the attack, even offering to show video of the attack to her boyfriend. now, the sister, we're told, is not facing charges at this time. as for 19-year-old gonzalez gutierrez, u.s. immigrations and customs enforcement tell us that he first came to their attention back in april when he was arrested for failure to obey. at that point, he posted bond before an ice judge. so, now he is back into those deportation proceedings again. ice had no information on the 17-year-old suspect but we can tell you chicas hernandez is being charged as an adult and frederick police are still working to identify that third masked suspect. live in frederick, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> thanks, melanie. disturbing on many levels for sure. 5:04 is our time right now. the local massage therapist accused of sexually a
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without bond. fox5 has learned there could actually be a third victim. the first incident was reported to police last sunday, september 17 gun. a female client head habtamu gebreslassie performed a sex act on her. police are investigating a june incident as well. at deluca massage which is in northwest. police tell us the suspect worked at a number of different spa locations. >> an update on the police shooting that killed a prince william county teen. the 15-year-old was shot after a standoff at his family's home last week. investigators have said an officer was forced to fire his gun after the teen threatened officers with a crowbar. the victim's family believes police didn't have to kill him. prince william county's police chief talked about his department's use of force policies last night at an event in woodbridge. >> do they have a fear for their safety? in the terms of -- terms of, you know,
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serious bodily harm or death and they have to sometimes make decisions very quickly based on the circumstances that they're faced with. >> the chief says the officer who shot the teen remains on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. >> ♪ >> 5:06 is our time right now and it's summer this morning, mike. >> it is. it's our last sunrise of summer a little later on in the 6 o'clock hour when the sun finally comes up. by the time the sun sets it will officially be fall. it's going to be pretty nice first day of summer -- first day of all eventually as well. as we get a mix of clouds and sunshine thanks to josé throwing a little bit of moisture our way so we'll have a mix of clouds and sunshine today. temperatures making up with a mild start in d.c., 72 degrees. look at annapolis, 74. good morning, leonardtown, 68 for you this morning. 50's out there, one at this hour, winchester there at 59 degrees. highs today
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86 here in the city. again, clouds mixing in with some sunshine. summer does end on that warm note. it's about 10 degrees above normal. what's the weekend looking like? it's going to feel like summer. we'll have the full weekend forecast coming up in just a few more minutes. that's weather. erin como is back this morning with traffic. >> that's right, 5:07. flashing lights, a tap of the brbrakes through that crash scene. crash bw parkway southbound just before 50. caution there but we're still seeing a lot of green on our map so that's good news. as you make your way out in southeast, d.c. police traffic tweeting out to let us know all lanes in southeast on minnesota avenue have reopened 1800 block previously dealing with a crash scene. again traffic moving by there. outside the beltway in howard county maryland 32 westbound earlier crash at dorsey run road investigation wrapping up. that crash scene
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residual delays westbound on 32. aside from that as we take a look down in fredericksburg coming up towards stafford average speeds in the 60's. all green all good. not enough volume to cause any slowdowns just yet from 17 on up. we're also seeing nice conditions as you make your way out from frederick, maryland, this morning, 60's as you come down the southbound side, none of that usual congestion just yet. i'll let you know when that changes. things still looking good in the southbound side into clarksburg. rockville not seeing any slowdowns by father hurley there in the familiar are a. i'll let you know when that changes. as we take a look at 66, 21 minute ride 234 prince william parkway out to the beltway we're at speed this morning. all metro rail lines are on time. i'll let you know if that changes this morning. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. back to you guys. >> thanks erin. coming up on fox5 news morning, we have dramatic new video that's out of puerto rico. it shows the rescue of a family stranded at sea during hurricane maria. >> and a warning for coffee lovers. we've got a cold brew coffee recall you need to hear about. >>
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>> i always drink mine hot, too, so we're good. >> let's look live across the d.c. region on this friday morning. eight minutes past the hour right now we're at 71 degrees. going to be in the 80's again today on this last day of summer, first day of fall. we've got a lot more to share. don't go anywhere. you're watching fox5 news morning. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:09. all new video this morning showing the british royal navy pulling off a dramatic rescue this week. it shows a family stranded at sea waving for help on top of their capsized boat off the coast of puerto rico after hurricane maria swept through. rescuers hoisted up a woman and a child. unfortunately, the third person, a man, did not survive. >> a scary and bizarre situation in west hollywood outside of one of the kardashian's clothing stores. police trying to track down this woman who stood outside dash with a machete in her hand shouting threats about killing the family. she had also made an earlier visit to the store with a gun getting inside and knocking items off the counter. when she returned, the doors were locked. she left the machete behind the fled the scene. >> palm trees on fire in palm springs california. this is at a golf club. fire crews arrived on scene and were able to quickly put out the blaze. no one was injured fortunately and the golf club was not damaged. no word on
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fire. >> a question for you this morning? do you know what a doddard is. >> is that how you say it. >> that's how we're going to say it. >> no, i don't know. a lot of people are looking that you word after north korean leader kim jong un twice referred to president trump as maybe it's a dotard. in a fiery statement that he made denouncing the president's un speech. merriam webster tweeted last night that searches for dotard were as high as a kite. it traces back to the 14th century and initially meant imbess sill. >> oxford english dictionary defines the word as an old person especially one who has become weak or senile. >> i think we also need to look up the pronouncer. dotard. the official pronunciation is dotard. use it in the a sentence. coming up on fox5 news morning,
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goes on sale way glitch. >> and silly rabbit up to his old tricks. less than two years after being banished, artificial dyes and flavors are being readded to tricks cereal. >> as we head to break, here's another live look across the d.c. region on this friday morning. 5:12 is our time right now. you know, i could use a little sugar right now speaking of. >> with some coffee, a giant cup of coffee and sugar. >> got to love them. 71 degrees on this friday. don't go anywhere. dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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rico and the u.s. virgin islands. the entire island of puerto rico was left without power after hurricane matthewial knocked its already weakened electrical grid out. president trump said fema and other emergency responders are helping both u.s. territories begin the recovery process and he plans to visit puerto rico. >> soin mexico city survivors are still being pulled from the rubble. the death toll stands at 273. but it is expected to continue to rise. >> ♪ >> 5:15 is the time right now. as we take a live look outside we're expecting a nice weekend according to mike thomas. he says it's going to be really pleasant. >> yeah, lots of sun and temperatures more like summer, more like august than september, that's for sure as we head into the weekend. let me start you off with a tropical update first. still tracking maria of course acting the islands of turks and caicos this morning. eye is close to some of those eastern island but i haven't read anything of any sort of landfall yet and we're not
5:16 am
certainly pounding them with a lot of wind and heavy rain this morning. winds of 125 so it came up a bit overnight. category four starts at 130 so it's a very strong category three this morning. expected to continue off to the north and west. it has lost its eye so it wouldn't surprise me if it weakens by the next update but we'll see. by saturday winds are 120. it gets off into some unfavorable atmospheric conditions. as we've learned from josé even a category one sitting out to sea just ■off the eastern coastline could still do some beach erosion and some -- do some heavy waves and gusty winds along the coast. speaking of josé, there it is still spinning its way here off to the north and to the east. it is throwing some clouds in our direction early this morning. and still has some winds to it. no longer a tropical storm. it's now a tropical remnant but still has winds of 50 miles an hour. it is expected to still kind of spin here and fizzle throughout the weekend. again, not really going
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expected to strengthen anymore. there are some of the winds it's bringing. look right there i believe that's nantucket, 46 miles an hour wind gusts and as you get into cape cod there, 36 miles an hour wind gusts so it's been very gusty there the last couple days and it continues to be so. 72 outside in washington here. it's a warm start. 68 degrees for leonardtown. 74 in annapolis. 63 for frederick, good morning gaithersburg is at 65 degrees. we're headed for the middle 80's later on this afternoon. 86 in washington, 85 for quantico. your fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast, how about this? fall starts 4:02 p.m. 87 for your saturday, just a few passing clouds. look at sunday, sunny, bright, hot, temperatures 89 degrees. we could do a 90-degree reading or two around the region on sunday afternoon. great day for football. all right, that's a check of the forecast. erin como is back with traffic. >> lookilooking forward to footl this weekend. 5:17. no delays on metro right now. i'll let you know if and when that changes. as we take a l
5:18 am
loop at the dulles toll road a crash blocks the shoulder not causing any delays but flashing lights there so please use caution as you make your way out. right now 295 southbound bw parkway there's a crash just before 50 but as we take a wider view of things you can see it's not causing any slowdowns and outside the beltway even bw parkway checking in mid-50's around powder mill road in both directions, 95 by the icc also speeds in the mid 60's. looking to and from the baltimore-washington parkway to the capital beltway. i'll let you know if that changes. as we look right now on 95 northbound through dale city, congestion building. those headlights coming toward us, that is the northbound side. main lanes hov lanes getting a little crowded but still in the green zone as you make your way up toward the beltway. once you get inside the beltway crossing the mixing bowl 395 looks great as you come up toward the pentagon. not seeing any problems. very light volume in fact. same story on the inner loop and outer loop through alexandria. we got you covered if any of that changes. 295 northbound also in the clear. and some earlier crashes we had one in the district in southeast did clear as well. that's your look at traffic. back to you holly and wisdom.
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let's take a look at the stories you're already engaging with the most this morning on social media with our realtime news tracker. >> first up, big news for tech fans. the new iphone eight and apple watch finally hit stores today. as for the watch apple has identified a flaw with it already. apple says there's a wifi glitch in affects the cellular activity making phone calls and talking to siri on it difficult. they're sending out a downloadable update in the near future. the watch sells for about 400 bucks. the iphone x comes out in november. >> some cereal controversy to talk about. general mills is bringing back the original artificially colored version of trix after getting major backlash. so much for healthy and natural. when general mills announced they use rather dishes and turmeric to create color consumers were not happy even though the cereal was still sweet.
5:20 am
consumers revoltd. now both the artificial stuff turn the healthier version will be sold. >> can you believe i've never had any of that. >> you've never had trix. >> never had trix. 'cause you know why, because trix are for kids. and a royal blue -- a royal blue -- royal rule of thumb. i was so into my little joke. prince george's county school says there are no best friends allowed. instead they're encouraged to make lots of kids. no other kids will be able to claim george as their best friend and one of the other rules if you're having a birthday party and giving out invitations you got to invite every kid in the classroom. >> what is this world coming to. a pennsylvania teen golfer pulled off a nearly impossible feat. this is ben tesla. he scored two holes in one during a single round. >> what? >> it happened on monday during a nine hole practice round, not even during a game. the national hole in
5:21 am
happening are 67 million to one. the teen hopes to play golf in college. i think he might have a good shot. >> and he may want to get a lottery ticket. >> exactly. >> chrissy teigen is know for funny tweets. yesterday she tweeted asking if anyone could give her some bananas. if you have six brown bananas in the l.a. area i will that send my assistant to your home with a signed cookbook. john's underwear. and a becca palate serious inquiries only. please send me a photo of you holding the bananas giving a peace sign. eventually a banana winner was declared, twitter user at by meg one and she was a banana short and teigen followed through on her end of the deal as well. [laughter] >> do you think that's weird. >> i think it's very bizarre. >> again, my earlier comment. what is this world come to? okay, coming up on f
5:22 am
news morning, mapping your way around target. >> all right. details on the retail giant's new gps feature that can make your next shopping trip just a little bit easier. >> let's head to break now. we need a break. we need to regroup in the commercial. 5:22 is our time right now. this is a live look across the d.c. region. 71 degrees on this friday morning. fox5 news morning coming right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> 5:24 right now. death wish coffee company is recalling their 11-ounce nitro cold brew cans. the company says it could lead to botulism. form of food poisoning that could be fatal. the drinks have been pulled from shelves. so far no illnesses have been reported. >> target trying to make shopping a little bit easier with its latest technology. there's a new feature in its retail -- in the
5:25 am
giant's app that works like a gps for your shopping cart. it's going to show you where youyou are in the store. target has been installing bluetooth and beacon technology to support the new feature. i think that's a pretty good idea. >> i like that 'cause you can put in i need this, where is it? i love it. >> yeah. 'cause i can't remember how many times i've been at the store actually at 3 o'clock in the morning and i'm like i can't remember which aisle i'm supposed to go to. >> because if it's not your home store, you know how every store is set up a little bit differently. >> exact. we're on board with this. >> i agree. there's the future right there knocking at our door. i think we do it. >> i think they're doing it. >> i don't think we're smart enough to do it. i say they do it. let's get to the weather forecast this afternoon. not that we're not smart people, i'm just saying. >> we understand. >> let's get to the weather forecast. 72 degrees outside right now. it's warm, it's pleasant. some clouds out there, though, thanks to what was at one time tropical storm josé, now a tropical remnant this morning just sending clouds our way. we'll mix sunshine in with those clouds as we
5:26 am
through the afternoon. here's your planner. 79 trees by 11 o'clock. by 2 o'clock, 84. by 5 o'clock, 85 degrees still feeling more like summer than fall and fall officially begins a little later on this afternoon just after 4 o'clock, 4:02 p.m. is the exact time. >> that's a check of the forecast. erin como is back with traffic. >> yeah, 5:26. if you're headed northbound through clarksburg on 270 we have a crash. it's blocking the shoulder but the congestion you're seeing in the camera is the southbound side. southbound side starting to pick up as you make your way from frederick all the way down through clarksburg, about a 15 minutes delay there. despite the crash on the northbound side, no slowdowns past that scene. as we take a look right now, top side of the beltway inner loop at dulles toll road actually just use a little bit of caution there. dealing with a crash its blocking the shoulder. as we take a look right now on 295 southbound, bw parkway just before 50 a crash. 50 inbound however from the beltway to 295 is still nice and quiet. as you make your way out jefferson davis highway things looking really nice as you make your way past 27. not seeing any major congestion southbound side a little bit of a slowdown from
5:27 am
pentagon looks good. we're seeing no delays reported just yet for your metro rail commute. that's your look at traffic. holly and wisdom. >> thanks erin. 5:27 and ahead at 5:30 we have a fox5 exclusive. >> racially insensitive content posted on social media by someone who is sworn to protect and serve in the nation's capitol. >> first though we're going to take a break and we're go together go live outside across the dmv on a friday morning. 5:27 is the time right now. 71 degrees, oh, strawberries and champagne on ice doesn't sound too bad, right? 'cause lucky for you wisdom that's a what i like. don't go anywhere. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> today on fox5 news morning. two men behind bars accused of beating kidnapping and raping a teen. police say the teen's sister mastermind the crime. a fiery threat from north korea. leader kim jong un says the u.s. will pay after president trump issues more sanctions against the regime. the race to find survivors in mexico. rescue crews desperately looking for any sign of life in the rubble. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> good morning to you. thank you very much for joining us. >> it is friday, september 22nd 2017. >> erin como is watching the roads, mike thomas talking about weather. good morning. >> good morning to you guys. last kind of half of summer as fall officially begins
5:31 am
4 o'clock. highs in the middle 80's this afternoon, a mix of clouds and sun. hey, erin. >> just like that we have some big metro delays single tracking on the orange blue and silver lines. i'll get all those details for you with your full look at traffic. >> we'll check back in just a few. if you're just joining us this morning it is 5:31 and these are our top stories on this friday. survivors are still being pulled from rubble in mexico city this morning as rescue operations stretch into a fourth day following the magnitude 7.1 earthquake. the city government says a total of 60 people have been rescued since the quake first hit on tuesday. the official death toll now stands at 273. >> the white house says president donald trump has spoken with the governors of puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. the entire island of puerto rico was left without power after hurricane maria knocked it out over the weekend, knocked out that electrical grid over the weekend. now, president trump said fema and other emergency responders are helping both u.s. territories begin the recovery process and he plans to visit puerto rico.
5:32 am
jong un lashed back at president trump calling him mentally deranged. kim says president trump will pay dearly for his critical comments against north korea during president trump's un speech on tuesday. north korea's foreign minister warned that north korea could test its most powerful hydrogen bomb yet over the pacific ocean. meantime the white house is applying more pressure to the pyongyang government by expanding sanctions on north korea and those who do business with the nation including china. >> the president's not going to spell out specifically what he's going to do, when he's going to do it or where he's going to do it but there are many options he's discussed with his national security team that should north korea do anything irresponsible or reckless, that he has to choose from. >> kim jong un later went on to say that president trump is "unfit to hold the prerogative of the supreme command of the country. >> ." >> two teens are in jail this morning accused of kidnapping and rain a maryland teenager. what's even more disturbing is authorities believe the victim's youer
5:33 am
have set it up. according to investigators 19-year-old gonzalez gutierrez and 17-year-old chicas hernandez raped the victim while a third suspect recorded the incident. >> police are looking for the third suspect and say the 13-year-old sister is considered a person of interest in the case. she's not facing any charges at this time. >> ♪ 5:33 right now. let's go to a fox5 exclusive report. controversy stirs over an instagram account ran by a d.c. police officer. >> this after activists complain that the account's content was racially insensitive. annie yu live at d.c. police headquarters with details this morning. annie. >> reporter: well, wisdom and holly, it's still unclear right now if the officer received any discipline for these posts but we can tell you that the account, american cops is still active but the post that some found racially insensitive have been removed. we're told by d.c. police that the officer dennis sfoglia, he told this account to a different user so it remains
5:34 am
active but those racially insensitive posts have been taken down. now, this is who we're talking about, d.c. police officer dennis sfoglia and he is the first -- he's the one who created this account. it has thousands of followers and on this account, you know, he posted what we all do, pictures of himself. there you see he was in uniform there. but he also posted these photos of racially themed jokes and memes and an activist group called law for black lives d.c. they shared these screen shots with us. they also shared it with d.c. police and the group says they're not only racially insensitive but they embrace a culture of excessive force. one of the posts shows an asian woman and apparently the caption called her sushi because they can't pronounce her name. there's another one that shows chef gordon ramsey appearing to look enraged and he says "the chicken is so black police are screaming at it to stop resisting." another d.c. police officer is currently under investigation for wearing a shirt with a sun cross, a symbol
5:35 am
connected with the kkk. the post attracted many likes and comments. we spoke with april goggins of black lives matter d.c. and she says she's enraged by the behavior. listen to what she has to say. >> if you feel like you can equate a black person to a chicken then absolutely you need to be fired because you are no longer competent. then you have a police chief who comes out and says this is not mpd but clearly it is. these are your officers. these are your officers continuing to do these things after you've come out with statements after there's been complaints after there's been nationwide coverage. so it's enraging to me. >> reporter: now, the department has not commented about the content on this instagram page but they did let us know that a supervisor did speak with officer sfoglia about the actions and again, the account has been sold according to officer dennis sfoglia. meanwhile we've also reached out to peter newsham, the police chief. he has not commented or gotten back to us. we also tried to reach out to officer
5:36 am
not heard back from him yet. that's the very latest here from d.c. police headquarters, annie yu, fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> time to talk weather with mike thomas. >> hey, guys good morning. happy friday. >> happy friday, happy final day of summer, first day of fall. >> it's not going to matter. it's not going to feel like it at all. >> just a ray of sunshine this morning. >> i know, exactly. [laughter] okay, glass half empty. >> but we will have some fall-like weather coming our way later next week. >> try to turn it around now. >> it's friday . >> [laughter] dulles 68. bwi 67 degrees this morning. we do have josé or what's left of it off the coastline spinning around and giving us clouds today. it will be a mix of clouds and sunshine, high of 86 degrees. and summer does end on a warm note. average high this time of year is 77 degrees so nine trees degs above normal is what we're expecting later this afternoon. here's your weekend forecast. looks gorgeous and we're staying wellbo
5:37 am
87 degrees saturday, just a couple passing clouds. josé will have pushed off further north and east by then. sunday, sunny bright beautiful and hot. going for 89 degrees. we could do a 90-degree reading or two around the region on sunday. that's a check of your forecast. erin como is back with traffic and busy on the metro, right, erin. >> yes, unfortunately, mike we have breaking news for your metro commute. this is going to slow down. the orange blue and silver lines because of a track problem outside of rosslyn in that portion of the orange blue and silver line. it's blue line single trackinglg foggy bottom. single tracking between clarendon and foggy bottom. may want to consider metrobus or a different form of transportation. get an early start if that's your normal commute out in virginia. taking a look at the roads in maryland coming northbound through clarksburg we have a crash blocking the shoulder by 109 southbound typical delays about a 15 minute slowdown from frederick on down. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. holly and wisdom. >> coming up on fox5 news
5:38 am
morning, scientists working on a vaccine that could keep you out of the dentist chair. we'll explain how that works. >> let's look live across the d.c. region. you can see the commute picking up already at this early hour. 5:38 is the time, 71 degrees. going to be warm, summer-like today. fox5 news morning back right after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> welcome back to fox5 news morning on this friday september 22nd. it is 5:40 right now. going to be a pretty nice friday into perhaps an even better weekend. mike is going to be back with our full forecast in about four minutes. >> all right. let's talk about this because this is a topic of great interest. what if a simple shot could keep you from going to the dentist? scientists in china are working on a vaccine that could help prevent ca cavities. scientists say early trials have been nearly 65 percent effective but still require patients to brush their teeth twice a day and floss on a regular basis. >> i'm sure all kids will hate when i say this but new research shows household chores could actually save your life. >> i've been saying to the kids. >> that includes anything from gardening and scrubbing the
5:42 am
floor to cleaning the kitchen. >> say it every day. >> researchers say that doing physical household chores five times a week for half an hour decreases your risk of death by 28 percent. and that of heart disease by 20 percent. sounds like a good reason to get some work done. >> finally a study that i agree with. >> that's that study was sponsored by wisdom martin. >> that's right, the wisdom martin foundation. >> coming up some relief insight for maryland drivers. details on a new plan that could ease highway congestion. >> a crackdown involving man's best friend. what you need to keep in mind before you bring your dog with you to go out to eat. >> as we head to break let's remind you of the metro alert erin has been talking about this morning. single tracking on the orange blue and silver lines near rosslyn due to a track problem there. reports of an arcing insulator so expect delays. erin will have a lot more on that in just a few minutes. right now 5:42, 71 degrees. fox5 news
5:43 am
back. >> ♪
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> ♪ >> 5:45 is the time right now. we are down for some mike thomas only though when he has good news for us. >> i got it i think. >> you think. >> it's a big day for you. two seasons in one day. that should be like a meteorological dream. >> well... yes. [laughter] >> he didn't
5:46 am
that. >> i prefer fall into that winter so we can start talking a little snowfall. >> really? >> yeah, really. >> i got a problem with that. >> you know i like snow. >> i know you do like snow. >> it's okay. it's what makes the world go round, different opinions. >> it would be nice if we had fall coming tomorrow temperature-wise. we're not getting too big of a change in the weather forecast department. that's on the way. we'll talk about that next week. do want to start with the hurricanes though. we got maria still out there. strong category three, nearly a category four. we're at 125. there's turks and caicos right there. it's awfully close to those islands. not expected to make landfall but still hitting them pretty hard this morning. expected to continue its journey off slight north and west eventually turning north and potentially northeast. it might do kind of like josé did and waver back and forth maybe get a little close to the midatlantic coastline in you have to give us high surf maybe coastal winds as well. by the time it gets here
5:47 am
will be considerably weaker than right now. here's water vapor imagery showing you what's left of josé. it's a tropical remnant this morning but still strong enough to give some gusty winds up to the north. nantucket there 46 miles an hour gusts last hour. 36 there on cape cod. boston itself even seeing gusts over 30 its been days that they've been dealing with these winds and it will be a couple more days before those winds finally start to subside. fall does that officially begin today. 4:02 in the afternoon. going to be more like summer. how about this sunrise on this final day summer sunrise last one, 5:56 a.m. then fall sunset coming your way 7:04 p.m. tonight total daylight down to just 12 hours eight minutes and by the second half of next week we're down below 12 hours of sunlight as we head for winter. 72 degrees outside in washington at this hour. 61 manassas. quantico is at 69 degrees. annapolis 74. dulles 68 this hour. highs this afternoon up into the 80's, middle 80's in fact. 86 here in washington. manassas culpeper all
5:48 am
fredericksburg 85. quantico 85 as well. this weekend looks fantastic if you like sunny and warm weather. high pressure is going to settle in and dominate the weather pattern. jet stream well off to the north, more typical of summertime. that's going to keep our hih temperatures in the upper 80's to even near 90 on sunday with, again, plenty of sunshine. it will make for a fantastic sunday night if you're headed sunday night its a sunday night game down at redskins park, 78 degrees, mostly clear skies. will be a little humid out there but really not too bad. should be a good night for football. that's again on -- not monday, sunday night. 86 degrees here on your friday for this last day of summer start of fall. we head into the week, gorgeous, 87 saturday, 89 sunday and the warmth sticks around right into next week. that's weather. erin como is back with traffic and metro troubles. >> that's right and new delay for you on metro. right now we have four rail line delays red line currently single tracking this morning between dupont and van ness. that's late clearing track work at woodley park. delays in both directions there for that portion of the
5:49 am
insulator problem. some breaking news impacting the blue orange and silver lines. blue line single tracking because of that arcing insulator outside of roslyn. silver line trains operating only between wiehle and ballston. this could cause big issues for metro considering four of our six rail lines dealing with big slowdowns. bottom side of the beltway moving over to the roads, some debris reported on the inner loop out by eisenhower avenue. we were seeing bigger delays piling up as you make your way out on the inner loop from just after the -- excuse me just after the wilson bridge to approaching 395. yellow zone, speeds reduced but traffic picked up a lot better. we'll keep you updated on the roads as well as the rails. big problem with the rails this morning, holly and wisdom. >> welcome news for driver in maryland p governor hog san announced a plan to ease conduction. the goverr'
5:50 am
plan will add four new lanes to i-270, the maryland portion of the beltway and the baltimore-washington parkway. new lanes on 270 and the beltway would be toll lanes. the governor's office says this is the largest proposed public-private partnership in north america. >> celebrating down on the national mall this weekend marking the one year anniversary of the opening of the national museum of african-american history and culture. in addition to the normal museum tour and exhibits there will be special entertainment outside both tomorrow and sunday. that includes the ballou high marching band girls rock d.c. a west african dancing so on d.c.'s famous go-go band eu. it has we would come 3 million visitors in its first year. if you're a dog own interd.c. and you plan on eating outside at a restaurant you might want to think twice about bringing your pup along. >> the department of health is reporting cracking down on dogs
5:51 am
restaurants. this has long been the law but it's not been enforced. the restriction applies to places that serve food. ward one councilwoman brianne nadeau is working on emergency legislation that would allow dogs on patios if the restaurant owner agreed. >> all right, 5:51 is the time right now. and it's time to take a look at what's hot on the web, the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media. >> and first up, if you've got to fly you might not want to end up at new york city's la guardia airport. it's been called the worst largest airport in the u.s. jd power released the rankings on the list of worst mega airports, newark liberty international, los angeles lax and chicago's o'hare international airport. orlando john wayne orange county and sacramento were ranked as the best airports in the u.s. >> charmin toilet paper has a sweet deal. let's talk about it. they're offering the colorado woman dubbed the mad pooper a year's supplof
5:52 am
paper if she turns herself in. now, the mad pooper has been caucaught relieving herself on several lawns in colorado springs while she's out on a run. the chief says the case is not normal. >> really. >> i know, that's pretty obvious. and that he's never seen anything like this in his entire career. the woman faces indecent exposure charges if she's actually caught. >> won't then courage her maybe. >> it does. >> a seven-year-old nevada girl getting the opportunity of a lifetime. dawson loves baseball but a rare birth defect kept her from playing. after six months of fittings models and tests haley had a 3-d printed robo hand. she's already thrown out the first pitch in baltimore and here in d.c. and this year she got the call from major league baseball. they actually want her to throw out the first pitch in game four of the world series. >> very cool. >> which will hopefully include our washington nationals. >> we hope so. this is a sto f
5:53 am
>> all right. would you try pumpkin spice pizza? >> i'd try it. >> yeah, you like pumpkin spice. national pizza chain villa italian kitchen they're going to start serving it today. it's a pizza crust layered with pumpkin pie filling, mozzarella and then topped with a little more filling. and you get a slice for about four dollar. would you. >> i'll try it. >> okay. >> i'll try it. i'm not saying i'll like it but i'll try it. it doesn't necessarily sound good. speaking of pumpkin spice looks like the famous pumpkin spice latte at starbucks has competition. a new drink hitting starbucks stores today called the maple pecan latte or the mpl if you want to be hip. word on the street its pretty tasty. i think we might need to do a run today. >> i think we're going to go to starbucks today. >> i'm in. seven minutes before the hour right now and you know what that means. it's time to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. good morning, lindsey pope. lovely
5:54 am
lindsey has a big weekend ahead. i don't even believe this. she turns 60 tomorrow. >> okay. >> happy birthday lindsey. 60 never looked so good. >> lindsey says she's a loyal fox5 fan. she and her husband tune in every morning to get their day started. thank you very much for watching. we appreciate it. >> ♪ >> all right. well check this out. get a taste of magic and see your favorite disney characters come to life. >> for this week's fox beat free friday enter for a unforgettable experience. we are selecting one lucky person to win a vip prize package including four tickets to disney on ice on september 30th at eagle bank arena. >> the prize has an approximate retail value of $370 and is provided by feld entertainment. go to fox5 d.c. facebook page from now through 11:59 p.m. tonight and enter for a chance to win. one winner selected by random drawing on september 25th. all entrants must be 18 or older. complete rules available at
5:55 am >> you know, disney on ice never disappoints. >> okay. >> i have to say it's always a good time. >> disney on ice might be the place you want to be this weekend with how hot it's going to be outside. you might want to keep it cool. tracking what's left of -- at one time hurricane josé now it's tropical remnant josé throwing clouds in our direction throughout the morning time today. we'll break into sun from time to time but don't be surprised if you see some waves of clouds come across. we should keep it dry all day long and as we head into tomorrow, josé scoots a little farther north and east far enough that we're back into sunshine all weekend long. continuing to watch maria here down to the south just off turks and caicos this morning. this area of high pressure building in is going to continue to steer it to the north. later on next week it looks like we're going to have a area of high pressure set up across our kind of neck of the woods. that should protect us from any sort of landfall but maria still likely to get close enough to some of the coast lines that she could probably kick up much like josé did some dangerous surf beach erosion and possibly some gusty coastal winds as well. so, we'll
5:56 am
head into next week. for now, enjoy your weekend. she's no threat at all this weekend. 86 degrees for friday. fall starts at 4:02. weekend's gorgeous and warm, 87 saturday, get the ac's ready for sunday as we are near 90. we'll do it again monday as you head into next week we keep the 80's around. any effects from maria may be a couple showers on wednesday and thursday. that's a check of the forecast. erin is back with traffic. hey, erin. >> we have the blue line single tracking arlington cemetery to foggy bottom. orange line between foggy bottom. silver line dealing with single tracking. you can see a very active scene as i step out of the way. fire department there. several trucks on location again outside rosslyn. please anticipate delays across the blue orange and silver line until that work is able to get wrapped up. and again that's outside the roslyn station. single tracking trains are running. red line delays by dupont
5:57 am
very latest on this breaking metro news as we continue. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
ing. >> ♪ >> breaking right now at 6:00 a.m., we're live at the rosslyn metro station where trains are single tracking after reports of an arcing ins placement you can see fire crews on the scene. we'll have a live update. >> shocking and disrb
6:00 am
these two men part of a group accused of kidnapping beating and raping a teenager. coming up who police say was the mastermind behind this crime. we are live in frederick. >> first though a live look outside. it is friday. soon it's going to be the first day of fall 2017. it's september 22nd. weather and traffic on the 5s at 6:05. >> ♪ >> right now at 6 o'clock we're tracking hurricane maria brushing past the islands of turks and caicos regaining some strength with winds of 125 miles per hour. >> storm's latest path has it veering into the open atlantic. that means no threat to the united states but some areas along the east coast could still see dangerous surf next week. meanwhile puerto rico trying to recover from maria's devastation. most of the island still without power. several towns remain under water and two people are now confirmed dead. bringing maria's death toll across the caribbean to at least 19. the situation so bad in puerto rico some are thinking about leaving the island and they might soon be able to do that. airlines are expected to resume


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